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Backup Solutions

Why backup computer systems?

To stay in business! Disasters, minor and/or major, happen every day to small businesses. They are never planned, never convenient, never welcome. But they happen anyway and as a business owner you need to be prepared! It’s your livelihood at stake! Just a few examples of common disasters…

  • Server or desktop machines hard drive crashes
  • Server RAID controller fails
  • Power outage causes data corruption
  • Fire or flood
  • Theft of equipment
  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane or tornado

How will you stay in business when one of these events happens to your SMB?

It’s not a matter of if but when! One or more of these events is likely to happen to your business! How will you recover? Start by backing up your critical business data! But where? How? Common solutions seen in small business:

  • Back it up to a USB external drive or thumb drive and take it home with me!
  • I keep all my data on my laptop and carry it everywhere!
  • Back it up to a tape drive and leave it locked in a cabinet in the server room.
  • Back it up to tape and send it off site to a secure storage facility.

What’s wrong with these backup methods?

  • They keep the backup and original data in the same location!
  • They are easily susceptible to loss or theft!
  • They use tape which often proves unreliable!
  • They are not confidential or secure!

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