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Unified Communication Systems

Unified Communication

What is Unified Communications (UC) anyway?!

Good question!  Many industry leaders define Unified Communications (UC) as communications that are integrated in order to optimize business processes.  We like to think of Unified Communications as a suite of tools.  At its core is a UC Platform that facilitates a method for the reliable and orderly integration of your business communication tools and processes.

While Unified Communication is often thought of as a single product UC platforms are in fact a core set of tools with an API that allows you to integrate external tools your business uses every day.  The UC Platform communicates with these tools over your IP network, and seamlessly integrates them in a single user interface.  The result is tool ease of use on different devices with the end goal of improving business processes and the customer experience.  Examples of business tools often incorporated in UC systems are realtime communication tools like instant messaging/chat, presence, telephony/VoIP, call control, and video conferencing.  Additionally, non-real-time communications such as unified messaging, integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax are often integrated.   A good UC platform will include integration with common CRM systems and may include tools such as Google Maps.

Unified Communication Benefits

How does your business benefit?  Lower costs is a key benefit!  UC systems include a rich communication tool set at a much lower cost that if purchased separately.  Higher productivity and team collaboration is another key benefit!  Imagine being on the phone with your customer who asks a question.  You don’t have an answer but your coworker does on the other side of the building.  Quickly you use the presence app, see she’s available.  You open a chat window while speaking with your customer.  Your coworker provides a quick response.  Seconds later you’ve filled the needs of your customer, leaving them with a great feeling about doing business with you!  What a team!

Any good UC system today will also include the ability to use SIP trunks, greatly reducing the overall cost of telecommunication.  Many companies today save 25% – 50% using SIP trunks over legacy trunks such as analog and PRI!

Additionally, UC Platforms with CRM integration greatly enhance the customer experience!  CRM integration allows call centers, customer service, sales teams and others to have immediate access to a customers information when they call.  Imagine your small business team receiving a customer call and having that customer’s information on your screen as you answer the call.  Customers see you as a professional organization.  Your Customer Service and sales teams are empowered to provide excellent service and happy customers are more inclined to buy from you, adding to your bottom line.

Integration between your UC system and CRM is accomplished through the UCs API or application programming interface.  This facilitates communication between the UC platform and the CRM application and ensures smooth integration.

By combining a broader range of tools and features into a UC solution and integrating it with other business processes, your organization can substantially increase its effectiveness – and cost savings.  Request more information by filling out the online “Contact Us” Form so your business can begin seeing tangible benefits soon.

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