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Cloud Solutions

First, why cloud based services?

  • Makes for are a more agile, flexible IT environment
    • Remain competitive, nimble, ready to pounce on positive market changes as well as adjust quickly to negative change
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Less hardware
    • Less hardware maintenance costs
    • Pay only for what you use as you use it
  • Faster ROI
  • More streamlined business processes
  • Built-in disaster readiness and business continuity plans
  • Free up existing hardware/software resources
  • Get away from managing technology and refocus resources on what’s crucial to the success of your business…
  • Do your part to be green!

Second, what are some key concerns you should have when using cloud services?

  • You’re not doing your job if you’re not concerned about security in the cloud!
  • Vendor reputation, longevity, flexibility to meet your business’ changing needs.
  • Clear, performance driven SLAs
  • Exit path, how do we part company?
  • In the event we part company, what about my data?
  • Systems interoperability, how will we exchange data between systems?
  • How will you get to your cloud applications or how will they be delivered?
  • What if the cloud service provider has a disaster?
  • Who will handle what? How are the customer and provider responsibilities delineated?

How will you navigate the cloud? Cloud specialization is one of our core competencies. We can help! For more info email us at info@srvcommunication.com

SRV Business Solutions partners with a wide array of cloud solution providers (CSP). We work with providers who have a proven track record of “doing cloud right”! How do we choose the CSPs we partner with? We look for providers who meet the following criteria…..

  • Longevity – We look for CSPs who have been at it for many years, often much longer than the recent concept of cloud computing has been around.
  • They have the necessary financial wherewithal and have a track record that demonstrates that they will be around to serve your needs for the foreseeable future.
  • Solutions must meet current industry standards to ensure they are right for your particular application. For example, if you are bound by HIPPA, we will only select HIPPA compliant vendors for your application. If you require PCI compliant systems, SSAE16, we will only present solutions compliant with these standards.
  • Their solutions go through a rigorous testing process by an independent third party to ensure the solution is sound and robust for today’s demanding business environments.
  • Careful attention is given to the service delivery methods as it relates to each client’s concerns and specifications related to security and reliability.
  • Exceptional record of up-time, Geo-redundancy and BOYD fallback for business continuity and disaster readiness.
  • Well defined and tested operational processes.
  • Scalability; able to meet the needs of a growing, robust business environment.
  • Ability to customize and be flexible to meet customer demand.

Since SRV Business Solutions is not a CSP, where do we come in? Providing cloud based solutions is an expensive, resource intensive endeavor that requires highly skilled technologist from many different IT disciplines. SRV simply does not have the resources to pull something like that off on our own. Additionally, cloud solutions are proliferating rapidly; everyone says they offer cloud this and cloud that. Likely, you already know that one size does NOT fit all! Making the decision to migrate critical business services to the cloud is not a decision to be taken lightly. There is much to consider and if not done thoughtfully and with meticulous planning it can be a career ending decision. Security and compliance are serious considerations. Then there’s performance, reliability, support, etc.. What questions should be asked? What should be in your contract? And so it goes…. As a business person you know your business like no one else. However, when you are speaking to a cloud service provider what questions can you ask of a technical and business nature to understand whether their solution will meet your needs? When the CSP responds will you really understand their techno-speak? Many business people, in fact most, need help with that. That’s where SRV comes in. We have both the business and technical experience to help you navigate the cloud! Here’s what we bring to the table, to YOUR SIDE of the table…..

  • Decades of hands on IT experience that has given us a high degree of skill and knowledge about the various IT disciplines required to deliver cloud services. These include network design, security and virtualization experience.
  • Decades of business experience which provides us with insight into what you as a small business owner or an executive at a larger SMB wants and needs.
  • You may have knowledgeable technology staff. However, we have cloud specific experience and the resources to help you navigate the maze of cloud solutions available so as to understand your options and enable a good decision.
  • We design solutions only after an in depth discovery process to ensure that we have a solution that is the “right fit” for your specific needs.
  • Discovery process used to determine
    • Is cloud the right choice for this application?
    • If so, what options are available?
    • What options are available and what is the “Best Fit” solution?
  • Once a decision is made and a solution provider is chosen, a dedicated project manager is assigned and detailed project plans begin.
  • SRV is with you every step of the way to ensure success!

Below is a sampling of the types of the cloud services we can help you with. Don’t see what you’re looking for listed here? Contact us to find out if we can help you.

  • Cloud Services
    • SaaS, examples include:
      • Exchange or SharePoint
      • LOB applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, Sage, Epicore, BlackBaud, Infor, etc..
      • Document management systems, including those that are HIPPA compliant.
    • IaaS
      • VDI, virtual desktop on Citrix or VMware
      • Virtual Servers
    • PaaS
    • CaaS, examples include:
      • Hosted PBX, VOIP, Video
      • Hosted Call Center or Contact Center
  • Mobility Solutions & Device Management
    • Solutions to centrally manage mobility devices
    • BYOD solutions
  • Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Services

Again, don’t see what you’re looking for? If there’s a viable cloud solution, we have probably identified a service provider. Give us a shout and let’s talk about it! For more information call or email us at info@srvbiz.biz