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Principles of great Telecom expense management!

Especially for an SMB, its easy for Telecommunication expenses to get out of control!

Why especially for an SMB? Because they don’t usually have Telecom savvy staff dedicated to regularly monitoring telecom expenses.  Few of us really know what we’re looking at when we review phone bills.  It takes Telecom experience to understand them. Over time telecom circuits and related services come and go.  Frequently SMBs loose track of what numbers and circuits  they are using and what they’re being billed for.  You may be throwing a significant amount of cash out each month, especially if you’ve been in business  a long time at the same location and with the same carrier such as your local carrier.

Some principles of GREAT Telecom expense management!

  • Keep copy’s of all Telecommunications contracts current and available for eace easy access and review.
  • When you make changes to services such Internet, WAN circuits, telephone trunks be they analog, PRI, SIP trunks, rack space or collocation sites, make sure someone is responsible to contact vendors and place disconnect orders, then follow-up to ensure these are dropped from billing.
  • Do periodic audits of all telecom resources.  Depending on when this was done last, how clean your records are and how much you have, this may require someone come in and physically trace and tag circuits and lines.
  • Maintain good internal records showing circuit IDs, phone numbers, IP address, purpose, physical location and vendor contacts.
  • Mark your calendar for an annual review of all Telecom contracts and semi-annual audit of telecom bills and assets.
  • Use an experienced  Telecom  broker  to get competitive quotes for new lines of service.  A good broker will maintain copy’s of your contracts, notify you of renewal dates and cost effective options for renewal.

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