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Things that can delay a number port (LNP)

Today, we take for granted that we can keep our telephone numbers when we change communications service providers—something that just wasn’t possible only a little over 15 short years ago! It wasn’t that long ago that with a phone number, you could identify the state, city and even neighborhood where the person lived. Not so today! More than ever before, consumers, both individual and business, have telephone numbers that serve as their identities and they depend on multiple types of devices that are connected to a single telephone number. Thanks to the local number portability act or LNP and associated technologies, today you can take your number with you when you move! It’s ‘port’able!

When you place an order with a carrier to ‘port’ your phone number the order involves three key organizations besides you, 1) the winning carrier which is your new carrier, 2) the loosing carrier, which is your current, soon to be old carrier 3) a third party organization that manages the telecommunications industry LNP database. This organization is known as the NPAC or Number Portability Administration Center. In order to enter, track and execute your LNP order you, the consumer, must provide accurate information. If any of the information provided does not match carrier records, delays occur. Below are a few things you should be aware of when porting your numbers….

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A few lessons I’ve learned from company moves…

Has your company announced a move and made you responsible for moving the technology?  That’s enough to send many folks running to brush up their resume!  You and I both know though that professionals will buck up and get through it but it’s a lot of work, a lot of responsibility, and failure is not an option!  On the flip side though, it’s a nice feather in your cap when you run a successful move!

My first experience with a move was early in my career when I was a windows server admin at Honeywell-Measurex and participated in moving our headquarters data center from one building to another.  My role was minor.  I learned something though.  We had an excellent IT Director who led the move.  My observations from his example taught me that with good planning and diligence a move can be quite smooth and a real feather in your cap!  Since then, I’ve lead two moves of my own; with responsibility for all that is IT, including end user PC/phones, the voice/data infrastructure as well as the data center.  I’d like to share a few key lessons I learned along the way.  Today, I’ll start with three… more will come in future posts.

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